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Beach Wedding

Think of perfection and more likely than not you will think of a sandy beachfront paradise. There are a lot of ways to enjoy of a moment to hold forever in our hearts, but nothing more breath taking than to celebrate your wedding day with the people who you love the most in a beach setting. Why wait for the honeymoon to embark on a trip to the sunny beaches of a place so spectacular like Dominican Republic? The same day you tie-the-knot should be the beginning of your perfect forever and after. Absolutely nothing more romantic than saying “Yes” with the 130 Km of white sand beaches that surround our facilities. Only one’s imagination can limit the beauty of The Northern Atlantic Ocean, it being the destination for millions of people who are set in creating for themselves unforgettable experiences. Here in Puerto Plata, our beaches offer visitors with astonishing views that serve for the perfect destination for you, and all of your family and friends.

Easy Event Solutions can accommodate its functions and establishment to facilitate you and your guests the most beautiful of experiences on the days that you will visit us before and during the wedding ceremony. Our establishment is well prepared with tents, stages, projectors and much more to create and modify any area within our facility to your liking. We are proud to manifest with confidence our desire to treat our guests as family, precisely because we know just how important it is to choose the right place to unite the lives of two people in matrimony.

Come for the small breeze that offers just the right amount of hope and enthusiasm, but leave with a lifelong commitment to your soul mate, and a new found love for the water and the sands of the Dominican Republic.