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Vintage Wedding

With how things are in the society we live in today, celebrating The Special Day with a unique vintage wedding design can sure be a breath a fresh air. Taking a look back at the simplistic layout and warming style of the weddings that once were the norm, creates a nostalgic sense of appreciation. There are very few things that remain in style for decades, and the 1900’s are the models of this trend. The art of simplicity is to take great appreciation to the detail manifested in each decoration and setup. Our staff and creative team are well prepared and ready to nourish your ideas, with the sole purpose of creating something already special, into something magnificent.

Our exclusive beach front locations go hand in hand with the many variations that incorporate the true definition of vintage. Nothing can top the originality of an event that takes place beneath the dimming lights of a summer night in Dominican Republic. The flowers, the sky, the sand, are only few of the arrangements integrated in a harmonious manner to your festivity.

Whether you choose to celebrate with the sun setting high above the ocean, or with the moon’s tempting dimmer above the horizon, here in Puerto Plata a vintage wedding destination can set you back decades the day that you are prepared to embark in the future with your significant other.

We can adapt to your every wish, providing all you may need to create the wedding of your dreams, our facilities are well equipped with the necessary tools to completely please, and become a part of your story.