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Wedding & Event Planner

Celebrating the most important day of your life alongside family and closest friends comes only short of blissful. Once the promise has been made and you have embarked with your significant other in the uprising journeys of marriage, it is only fair that you choose just the right place to begin creating a lifetime of memories. The venue in which a couple decides to be the destination for their celebration can very much foreshadow the character and charisma that beholds the relationship. Here in the Dominican Republic, dreams are no longer reserved for those who merely sleep, dreams in the Dominican Republic become memories.

Planning a wedding can go well beyond what meets the eye, and it is almost certain that the bride and groom spend dozens of hours planning and detailing the perfect occasion. Chances are that they have envisioned the location to be straight out of a fairy tale. Our staff and entire team are always eager to be a part of the union of two souls. With caring individuals walking you though the planning process, and the heavenly atmosphere that characterizes Puerto Plata, any wedding can be a story right out of the most perfect of dreams.

If the occasion to celebrate does not necessarily consist on the commitment of two people in matrimony, we also offer our destination for any event of your liking. With our 130 Km of beaches, any type of occasion can become a magnificent opportunity to enjoy with the people who you cherish the most. Enjoy the open air setting, witness the elements in their plentitude, but if the outdoors does not completely enchant you, you can enjoy of your event from within the fully conditioned banquet halls. Enjoying any type of celebration in our facilities can truly be life changing, be it wedding, or something else, this location is the right choice for you.